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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last night I went on an incredible dining tour that every tourism board around the world should mimic. It’s called a “Progressive Dinner” which was hosted by the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation. We visited three homes and enjoyed a dinner course in each one. This is a fantastic way to meet locals, learn something of their customs and traditions and enjoy home-cooked food. The first stop the owner greeted everyone (18 visitors – mostly from NZ) with a hug (and a kiss for the ladies) and then he walked us around his property to look at his lush gardens growing coconuts, passion fruit, mangoes, coffee, taro, star fruit, lemon grass, peppers, onions, papaya... The whole evening was over 5 hours but the hosts were so nice and hospitable and the food was outrageous.

Unfortunately, it’s been POURING pretty much the whole time so I backed out of my safari tour this morning (who wants to sit in the back of an open-air truck for 4 hours in the rain?) and I won’t be circling the 20 mile island on motor scooters this afternoon. Oh well, I’m just happy to be hear and working in bed while watching and listening to the rain. If only my hotel (The Crown Beach) had internet access in the rooms rather then the lobby this place would be perfect.

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