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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Airline Seating Charts

Airline Seating Charts
I find it so surprising when I travel around the country to speak, that most people (with the exception of road warriors) have never heard of the granddaddy of seating charts: I’m sure you don’t fall into that category so I won’t go into full detail but just in case, they have dozens of airlines’ seating charts, for pretty much each carrier’s different type of aircraft. The most useful aspect is that they show you which seats are the best (denoted in green) and which ones to avoid (in red). They also supply helpful information like if they have power ports or if seats recline all the way. Since you’re probably reading this and thinking, This is old news, Johnny! Give me something new, I’m throwing in these two other seating chart websites. The second most popular is They offer information on just over 50 airlines and some foreign carriers that SeatGuru doesn’t have and some of their advice is a bit different. I sometimes cross reference both. Then there’s for those looking for more detailed reviews (besides the ones we write about in our Johnny Jet Travel Newsletter). is brought to you by Business Traveller magazine (U.K. edition) and they use the same flight reviews as they put in their magazine. So there you have it – and if I’m missing any, please email us so I can add them to our Johnny Jet portal, which has all three sites listed above. BTW: Here’s the direct link.

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