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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My friend and fellow panelist at the L.A. Times Travel & Adventure Show, Jen Leo from the L.A. Times turned me on to this site. With everyone talking about cutting back on long distance travel this year because of the gloomy economy, new sites are popping up to help Americans budget better. gives drivers a great guess-timate of how much your fuel will cost for a future trip. Not only do users input their start and end points but they choose from a drop down menu what make, year and model their car is. It will then show total distance, drive time, gas stations along the way with current gas prices and even your carbon footprint. Note: If you’re traveling by yourself, it’s definitely not cheaper to drive than fly (depending on your distance). For example, my dad just asked me to get him a one-way, last-minute ticket from Palm Beach, Florida to Erie, Pennsylvania and I found a ticket (using’s search engines, of course!) for $154. He asked me if that was a good deal. I said, “You tell me. How much will it cost you to drive?” He thought about gas, food, lodging and time, then said, “That’s a great deal!” You got that right, Daddy-o!

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