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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I heard about this site from my buddy Brett Snyder at This is for frequent fliers who are serious about avoiding delays, missed connections and cancellations. After the free 30-day trial you’ll pay either $8 a month or $15 for a 10 Flight Alert Pack -- it may be worth it for those who can’t afford to miss a certain meeting, function or cruise, for example. What’s cool about Flight Advisor is that they monitor and personalize your flight departure status. They will email you an advanced analysis of airport, airplane, weather and other factors that affect your flight. They let you know if the aircraft you’re supposed to be on will be on time or not (the airlines usually don’t tell you that info). This information could give you a jump on making alternate arrangements and getting ahead of other passengers. Keep in mind: airlines can switch aircrafts but in my experience, it’s not often and I wouldn’t pay for this service because when I have a critical meeting, I leave a day or two early. But most business travelers usually can’t afford the time so this service would be worth it to them. Especially if they don’t have a travel agent working for them; Flight Advisor will notify them of alternate flights if the flight is cancelled or delayed. Here’s a sample notification.

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