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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If you, like me, love maps and always want to know what time it is in your favorite place or are curious about volcanoes, then listen up. ZebraMap is a customizable world and time zone map; you can choose the locations you want the map to display, text, positions, size, grid, night/day, color scheme and URL where you want the city to point to. I just created one for my website/blog and it took all of eight minutes. To get started, fill in the registration form (it takes about 30 seconds), confirm your email and then begin by typing in the location you want in the field at the bottom. Warning: It doesn’t have all cities (ahem, Rio de Janeiro) and the time for the Cook Islands was way off. It's free unless you want to remove the banner ad below -- then it costs $1 a month.

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