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Thursday, April 30, 2009


  • A lot of Americans are looking to stay close to home this summer. I mentioned a few weeks ago that a great family trip would be to our nation's capital. If you're looking for something that's far from the madding crowd, then how about taking the family to a dude ranch? My sister took her kids to Montana over the summer and absolutely loved it. A great place to find ranch vacations (besides Johnny Jet's dude ranch resources, of course!) is Users can search 250+ ranches by more than 100 categories. You can't book your trips there as Ranchweb is information only (they answer all your questions) but it will direct you to the ranch for booking.

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    SWINE FLU: News, Q&A's and Airline Policies

    Check out Johnny Jet's updated Swine Flu Resources

    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    US Airways issues Swine Flu travel advisory

    Mexico City Influenza Outbreak
    Cities Affected:
    Mexico City, Mexico (MEX)
    Date Range:
    4/24/2009 8:30 PM ET through 4/30/2009 11:30 PM ET
    Revised Ticket Policy:
    US Airways has relaxed ticketing policies for travel to Mexico City due to an influenza outbreak. US Airways will waive the standard change fee, advance reservation and ticketing requirements for customers with travel to, from or through Mexico City on the dates above. See our revised ticketing policy below for rules and restrictions. Call 800-428-4322 for more information.
    You can move your entire itinerary up to seven days before or after the scheduled origination date.
    You can apply the full value of your wholly unused tickets toward the purchase of a ticket to an alternate destination, although travel must originate within seven days of the scheduled origination date.

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Johnny Jet’s Twitter Travel Resource Page

    Johnny Jet’s Twitter Travel Resource Page
    We’ve been talking about Twitter for some time now but this week the social networking microblog (which requires you to express yourself in 140 characters or less, in case you were wondering) has really gained popularity with the recent media buzz surrounding Ashton Kutcher and CNN, as they raced each other to a million followers. On top of that, Oprah has now taken a liking to it so I’m sure it’s on the verge of going totally mainstream. To keep up with the times and refresh Johnny Jet’s Travel Portal, I created a mini travel Twitter resource page. It should be helpful to new Twitter-ers and even to Twitmasters. There are a bunch of websites on there like, which allows users to upload photos to their account and for travelers looking for insider information from those who know, the local tourism authorities. Plus you’ll find Twitter addresses of airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruisers and of course, the most popular travel writer Tweeters. So what are you waiting for? Get tweeting, Twitter-ers!

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    London Day 1

    I just flew 5,440 miles in British Airways Club World. Their flat seats, entertainment and food make a 10 hour and 10 minute flight seem short. I will go into great detail when I write about it for the newsletter but I wanted to share a status update in case you aren’t following me on Twitter.

    TRAVEL BOOK OF THE WEEK: Roadside Baseball

    Roadside Baseball
    Instead of featuring a travel product this week, I thought we would feature a travel book – especially one that’s based on my two favorite things: traveling and baseball. Roadside Baseball by Chris Epting is about the locations of America's baseball landmarks and it chronicles more than 500 important events in baseball history with detailed descriptions of the event and information on each location. The book is packed with historical data, trivia, photographs and baseball lore. Entries include the birthplaces of baseball legends, ballparks, museums and halls of fame, final resting places and many locations that are no longer standing. From out-of-the-way spots to the most popular stadiums in the U.S. and Canada, no site is too small or insignificant to be included in this comprehensive directory. Entries include the site of Babe Ruth's first home run; the location of the Field of Dreams; the Buckminster Hotel in Boston, where the Black Sox planned their fix of the 1919 World Series; the original little league field and museum in Williamsport, Pennsylvania; the birthplace of Jackie Robinson; the place where Mickey Mantle was discovered by a scout from the New York Yankees; and the site of the original Wrigley Field, erected in Los Angeles in 1925. Ken Burns, filmmaker and baseball historian said, "I can imagine this book in the glove compartment of every true fan's car, a handy reference to this beloved game no matter where in the country you are.”

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    I received an email this week from a guy named Rich Pantone in Oregon. He thanked me for my Fear of Flying resources and suggested I add his site: to the site. I checked out his basic site, which had the fact that one in every three adult Americans has a fear of flying (I used to be one of them). I signed up for his free guide, which promptly arrived in my mailbox (it actually went my SPAM folder). The guide is a 34-page PDF with questions and answers designed for fearful fliers and answered by actual flight crew. He interviewed a number of pilots on subjects like turbulence, engine failure, how do planes stay in the air …There were questions to air traffic controllers, airline mechanics and flight attendants. It’s a quick read and I learned some facts. I knew, for example, that English is the international aviation language but I didn’t know that France was the exception. French controllers will speak English to everyone except Air France flights.

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009


    Last week we featured a website ( that specializes in finding fares and routes on low-fare carriers around the world. Well, might be even better as they focus strictly on Europe. I just did a test run for a trip I made a couple of summers ago from Nice to Rome. And the results are the same. You would think it would be rather inexpensive since the two cities are only 286 miles away from each other. But surprisingly, flights can be pricey if you don't know where to look. Using the big online travel web sites (Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak ... ), the only search results I got were for the major carriers like Alitalia and Air France. Can you believe that these turkeys are charging $850 USD for a one-way ticket?! I entered in an alternate return date (a week later) and the price dropped to $255USD. Not bad, but it still wasn't good enough. So I logged on to (which you'll find on, yes ... This site offers access to 75 budget airlines that serve 700 destinations in one, easy-to-use place online. I was able to save BIG TIME when I found a one-way ticket on Blu-Panorama for $78 USD. What’s great is that Wegolo is not only available in five languages and offers 12 currencies (including USD) but they apply the rules of the European Commission, by displaying the fares including all taxes and fees, unlike some low cost airlines, who deliberately hide their extra fees creating a false perception of offering cheaper fares.

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Happy Easter!

    Thursday, April 09, 2009

    TRAVEL VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Southwest Airlines' Rapping Flight Attendant

    Southwest Airlines' Rapping Flight Attendant
    You don't see Southwest Airlines' flight attendants being funny like they used to be so it was great to see this video of flight attendant David Holmes rapping the welcome announcement. Don't just sit there and listen. Give the man a beat! Stomp your feet and clap your hands! Who cares if your colleagues think you're a freak. You should see the passengers looking at me as I wait at the gate.

    Wednesday, April 08, 2009

    This week I was fortunate enough to be quoted in a number of news articles, none bigger than AP's story: Tips for booking air travel on a budget. In the story, I mentioned that one of my favorite sites for finding low-fare carriers is Although WhichBudget has information on 120 airlines in 151 countries that service 1,050 airports with 26,062 routes, I still strictly use them for European information where I think is where they excel. Their new site is a big transformation from their old basic site, which I've grown to love. This one is slick and it gives me the impression they are pushing hotels (where I'm sure they make most of their money). But I do like how you can change the currency quotes into 46 different conversions with the quick click of a button.

    Monday, April 06, 2009


    Tilley Hats
    If you're following me on Facebook or Twitter or have been reading my blog, you'll know that I just returned from the South Pacific; I've been traveling like a madman - I know! The Cook's were the perfect place for me to test out a new Insect Shield Hat from Tilley Hats. If you haven't heard of Tilley Hats, they're a popular Canadian company that emerged out of a hobby. These guys have an incredible personality, which I learned from reading the hat's manual. All of their hats have a packable, crushable design. I love to wear hats not only to protect myself from the sun but to hide my eight head. What's cool about this hat (LTM6IS - LTM6) is that it not only looks good and shields you from the rain and sun (Certified UPF 50+), it keeps you cool, too (it has an Airflo design) and keeps the bugs away. It comes with an Insect Shield repellency treatment, which lasts for 70 washings. The khaki hat comes in custom sizes (6 7/8 - 8 3/8) and it's made with 100% Tilley Nylamtium (nylon supplex). Oh! I almost forgot one of the best parts about the hat! It has a secret crown pocket to hold small valuables like money and credit cards. It's brilliant. The suggested retail price of $89 might sound steep but like all Tilley Hats, it's backed by a lifetime guarantee and is protected by a two-year, all perils insurance policy against loss and theft.

    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    I featured this site when it first came out a couple of years ago but shortly afterwards they went offline. Hopefully, they're back for good because their service is invaluable for travelers. It allows you to set a wake up call at a specific time so you don't have to rely on a hotel wake up call or try and figure out the alarm clock. In addition, you can remind yourself: of important events, to take medication or even to escape from a boring date or meeting. Best of all it's FREE and easy to use and it works with any phone in the U.S. and Canada. TIP: I also use my cell phone alarm as a backup.

    Wednesday, April 01, 2009

    American Airlines is extending the Gogo Internet service to more than 300 domestic aircraft over the next two years

    Today, American Airlines announced domestic expansion of Aircell’s Internet Service, Gogo. Beginning this year, American is extending the Gogo Internet service to more than 300 domestic aircraft over the next two years, including the MD-80 and Boeing 737 aircraft.
    · Long Flight Pass: $12.95 – Standard price for flights longer than 3 hours
    · Short Flight Pass: $9.95 – Standard price for flights 3 hours or less