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Monday, April 06, 2009


Tilley Hats
If you're following me on Facebook or Twitter or have been reading my blog, you'll know that I just returned from the South Pacific; I've been traveling like a madman - I know! The Cook's were the perfect place for me to test out a new Insect Shield Hat from Tilley Hats. If you haven't heard of Tilley Hats, they're a popular Canadian company that emerged out of a hobby. These guys have an incredible personality, which I learned from reading the hat's manual. All of their hats have a packable, crushable design. I love to wear hats not only to protect myself from the sun but to hide my eight head. What's cool about this hat (LTM6IS - LTM6) is that it not only looks good and shields you from the rain and sun (Certified UPF 50+), it keeps you cool, too (it has an Airflo design) and keeps the bugs away. It comes with an Insect Shield repellency treatment, which lasts for 70 washings. The khaki hat comes in custom sizes (6 7/8 - 8 3/8) and it's made with 100% Tilley Nylamtium (nylon supplex). Oh! I almost forgot one of the best parts about the hat! It has a secret crown pocket to hold small valuables like money and credit cards. It's brilliant. The suggested retail price of $89 might sound steep but like all Tilley Hats, it's backed by a lifetime guarantee and is protected by a two-year, all perils insurance policy against loss and theft.

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