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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I love Skype! I've been a user for years now but a new company with a funky name is giving them some competition. Oovoo has incredible technology. Think: Skype on steroids. With Oovoo, you can have a live teleconference with up to six people! It's perfect for people who are trying to save on business travel because they can have that all-important meeting now from each person's office. You can also record video messages like this one that the company's PR maven Pamela Johnston did while I was visiting her office last week in New York City. (Yes, I know I look very ADHD.) Small print: The two-way service plan is free and so are one-minute video messages. However, if you want the good stuff, such as a three-way teleconferencing, at least one person has to be a member, which is $7.95 a month. That price also includes five-minute video messages, 500mb video storage and 10mb file transfer. The six-way plan comes with everything listed above, 1000mb video storage and 25mb file transfer and that goes for $17.95 a month. It may seem steep but it sure beats the price of airline tickets, taxis, hotel, meals and, of course, schlepping through security.

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