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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fellow travel writer Doug Lansky sent an email asking if I’d be willing do an interview for his new website: Of course I would and what an honor to be placed in a section called Famous Writers. I don’t think I’m worthy but I will take it as it’s a privilege to be counted among legends and gurus like Peter Greenberg, Tim Cahill, Tony Wheeler, Robert Young Pelton and Keith Bellows, among others. is not your typical travel website. They seek to take a different approach to the often-spectacular under-achievements in the travel industry… by celebrating them. There are tons of critical reviews of books, movies and plays in the media, but not many in the travel industry. is not attempting to fulfill the accountability gap in the travel industry; it’s more like a shot across the bow. Besides, some of the strange and unflattering aspects of travel are the most interesting and entertaining. One of my favorite aspects of the website, besides reading about the legends’ top five worst experiences, are the travel videos. They have some posted on the most crowded train, a cruise pool just getting walloped by rough water and a desert driving tour gone bad. There are sections where you can submit videos or nominate your worst experiences.

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