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Monday, September 28, 2009


    I have packing down to such an art that there's not much I forget, even when I pack 10 minutes before a trip. However, the one thing I find myself calling down to the hotel's front desk or going to a convenience store for is toothpaste or shaving cream. Well, if you're like me then this week's product should help you not forget the latter. The ShaveMate is the first razor to come with real shaving cream right inside the handle. They offer the Titan 6 for men and Diva 6 for women and unlike traditional disposable razors, these are not cheap; they have six blades and boast flex- neck technology that maintains pressure for a smooth, clean shave. They retail for $3.99 apiece and the shaving cream lasts for a week if you shave every day (which I do not). What's really nice about them is they have less then 3oz of liquid so you can pop them right into your carry-on.
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