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Friday, September 11, 2009


    Here's a perfect way to honor that unbelievable photo you took on your last vacation. Instead of keeping it hidden in a photo album or on an obscure page on your Facebook profile, you can now have it reprinted on canvas in all different styles so you can hang it proudly on the wall. The whole process is fascinating and it's easy and affordable. Users upload (or you can email or send snail mail) their photo and the website's professional artists will either paint it by hand in oils or a digital editor will manipulate it into one of several recognizable artistic styles from Pop Art, Lichtenstein, Che, Opie, Graphic or like Obama's campaign poster. Sizes range from 12" x 16" to 40" x 60". Prices start at just $55 and go up to $149. Customers pay only a 20% deposit and then pay in full after an online review process. The whole process takes a little over a week and the finished pieces are shipped flat or rolled anywhere in the world.
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