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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As longtime readers know, one of my favorite websites when traveling domestically is They send free wake up calls to your phone when in North America. Well, here's a site that's similar but offers a different twist on this concept. Instead of calling your phone, sends you text messages with reminders. It's perfect not only when I'm traveling (like oh, don't forget to check-in for your flight tomorrow!) but also when I'm hanging out at home (like oh, don't forget to pick up dry cleaning so you have clean clothes for your trip!). I know most people carry Blackberries and iPhones these days but who wants to deal with (or even knows how to figure out) their calendars and reminders. is simple to use. Just log on and type in your cell number. Then enter in the date and time, then put your reminder message: Johnny - don't forget Natalie's birthday, you dumb*ss! It's free and easy and there's no registration required. Perfect!

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