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Friday, October 02, 2009


    Last week I told you about the Twitter Conference I attended in L.A. with a bunch of celebrities (Tony Hawk, Tony Robbins, Peewee Herman), marketing mavens and techies. Of course, I was bound to learn about some new websites and tools and the most interesting came from founder Peter Shankman. Peter gave me a small key-ring size USB device called Poken and they range in color and characters from The Scream to a panda bear. The idea is this: Instead of handing out your business card, all you do is touch Pokens (it's not as kinky as it sounds). It takes two seconds and the exchange will transfer contact details instantly (users can upload a photo, their bio, address, phone numbers, email, websites, etc). When you get back to your computer, all you do is plug the Poken in to your USB port and presto! All of the contacts are downloaded instantly and it will even initiate a friend request to your social media networks. No more tediously typing out contact information. It's perfect for conferences or tradeshows. Poken is getting big in Europe so it's probably just a matter of time before Americans start Poken. So what are you waiting for? Look like you're ahead of the game and get a Poken now. They retail for $18.95.
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