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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TRAVEL VIDEO OF THE WEEK: YouTube Concierge In Puerto Rico

  • YouTube Concierge In Puerto Rico
    In an age of social media and instantaneous sharing, here’s a great marketing ploy that hoteliers should think about mimicking. Not so long ago, it took us about a week after returning home from a trip to show off pictures unless we wanted to spend double the money to get our photographs developed in an hour. These days, we have Skype, Facebook, Twitter and a whole host of other social networking sites through which to share our photos. But check this out: The San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino (where I’ve stayed before; here’s my story) has created a YouTube Concierge.

    One of its staff members walks around the resort (the pool and the beach seem to be the hot spot) with a camera and has willing guests share their vacation experiences for their friends back home in a quick, 30-second video postcard, free of charge. The video clip is formatted with the Marriott’s branding and then uploaded to the San Juan Marriott Live YouTube Channel, so guests can email their friends, family or co-workers back home.

    The hotel claims it’s so guests don’t have to worry about bringing a camera to the pool or the beach but we all know it’s just a genius viral marketing effort on their part. After guests record their 30-second video clip, provide written consent to post the video on YouTube, it’s up by 5pm that evening.

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