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Friday, January 08, 2010

In the last couple weeks the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has come under fire by the media and the general public, as they rightly should. The TSA seems to make one mistake after another, including going after my two travel colleagues for posting a security directive that the TSA had sent to 10,000 airline and airport workers. Hopefully, President Obama is going to clean house and make the agency start over on how they do security checks, because what goes on right now in the airports is basically security theater. If I were the head of the TSA I would hire the folks who are in charge of Israel's Ben Gurion Airport and the security detail for El Al, Israel's national airline. These folks have it down pat, as I experienced firsthand a few months ago. Here's a fantastic article about how Israel deals with their security threats (they get over a dozen a day). In the meantime, here's a website that pokes fun of the TSA's ridiculous rules instituted last week- like passengers must stay in their seats for the last hour on U.S.-bound flights and they can't touch their carry-ons or even read the in-flight magazine-called The TSA in this case stands for Travel Safe Activities; the website will explain the rest. BTW: To my knowledge all those asinine rules have been lifted.

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