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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Qasr Al Sarab Resort in Abu Dhabi

Marahaba from Abu Dhabi! It looks like the volcano has calmed down and everything is getting back to normal-thank God. I've been writing about my Europe/Middle East trip; last week I left off just after touching down at the AUH airport from Brussels. A quick recap for those that are new: I flew from Los Angeles to Berlin via Zurich on SWISS. I then drove to Wolfsburg, Germany, to check out the Autostadt (home of Volkswagen). A couple days later I took a train to Brussels and went on a chocolate factory tour, and last week I had a six-hour dream flight to the United Arab Emirates on Etihad Airways. Now it's time to hit one of the world's newest and most incredible resorts: Qasr Al Sarab! Wait until you see this desert oasis. To give you a little preview of the activities, check out this professionally edited video of yours truly on a desert safari. Read on ...

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