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Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcano Museums

Jen vs the Volcano: Our contributor rounds up the best places to visit to learn about volcanoes and other forces of nature
By Jenny Jet

She's moody, unstable, smothering and prone to major outbursts of anger. No, she's not your ex-girlfriend. She's someone you need to learn to embrace and respect…she's Mother Earth.

Earthquakes, and volcanoes, and hurricanes oh my! Well, Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore. Then again, if we're talking about tornadoes we could be in Kansas.

Whether or not you have/had plans to travel to Europe, we've all been affected by forces of nature beyond our control. As we approach the annual hurricane season we've already experienced the perfect 'storm' of natural disasters over the past 6 months including significant earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami warnings. The earthquakes had tragic human consequences, the volcano eruptions have been mere disruptions, and Hawai'i was left unscathed by a major tsunami warning.

"Damn the volcano," declared a friend who works in the airline industry. How did another friend open our weekend brunch conversation: "Dude, Earth is so pissed."

But rather than continue to fret about whether Eyjafjallajokull will continue to erupt and if her angry sister Kalta will follow suit, let's use this time for fun and consider this one of life's 'teaching moments' because whether you're 4 or 74 you have questions and we know where to go to get answers! Take a look at our round-up of sites to visit and learn more about dear sweet Mother Earth's fury… Read on

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